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Date :13-Jul-2016

Are you ashamed of smiling? Do you have a misaligned tooth? Then don’t worry. Here is a treatment to regain your confidence and get a new look . Orthodontic Treatment (dental braces) is a method used to correct misaligned teeth or to adjust the underlying bones. Dental braces are devices used to align and straighten teeth. The optimal age for treatment is between 8 and 14 i.e when the child is in its stage of growth. Srivari Dental clinic offers the best orthodontic treatment in Chennai.

Need for orthodontic treatment: To improve dentofacial appearance, to avoid crowding of teeth, to move teeth to the correct position and to improve the chewing position.


Orthodontic treatments
The orthodontist (dentist specialized in correcting irregular teeth) uses two types of appliances for correcting this tooth misalignment based on the convenience of the patient.
1. Fixed orthodontic appliances: Here dental braces, stainless steel wires (ligatures) are fixed on to tooth. Regular dental visit is recommended to tighten and loosen the wire so as to adjust the position of tooth. Retainers are used to hold teeth in place after braces are removed.
2. Removable orthodontic appliances: Here the impression of teeth is taken and braces are designed. Springs and screws are used to tighten the braces.

Proper attention should be given towards oral hygiene when braces are used. This is done to prevent tooth decay and other gum diseases.


If you are on a hunt to choose the best dental clinic which provides an affordable orthodontic treatment then don’t wait, Srivari dental clinic is here to help you. The clinic is well equipped and contains a team of specialized dentists to provide proper treatment and diagnosis.
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