How to Prevent Decaying Teeth ?

Date :27-Feb-2017

It is a rather ironic fact that even with the increase in brands of toothpaste and other oral hygienic products, the incidence of tooth decay is increasing steadily. Endodontic therapy, popularly known as root canal therapy, is a set of treatments followed to protect and rehabilitate tooth decay. It is usually done by removing the infected pulp in a tooth to eliminate infection and microbial activity.


Root Canal Treatment

A lot of misconception exists about root canal therapy, the most common being that it is a kind of painful torture. In reality, endodontic therapy is not one to create pain, it is one to relieve it. The root canal and the associated pulp is a naturally formed chamber within the teeth that inhibits blood vessels and nerve tissues. When affected by decay, it creates a hole in the teeth that continues to deteriorate if not treated rightly, leading to the destruction of the teeth.


In endodontic therapy, the pulp that has decayed and its associated parts are removed. The remaining part of the teeth is shaped subsequently and then cleaned. The shaping is done with the help of an endodontic file and decontamination or cleaning with the help of irrigating solutions. This is done to create an easy access cavity for filling. Gutta percha is usually used as the filling to fill the decontaminated canals. It is bonded to the root canals with the help of epoxy resin. The procedure of endodontic therapy is usually conducted in two or three sittings. The cost and time taken for this treatment vary with the patient's extent of the issue.

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