Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery

laser teeth surgery

Laser surgery is the surgery in which laser beam is used to cut the tissue. The laser beam vaporizes the soft tissue with high water content as it is an advanced technique in which the molecular bonds of a material are dissolved by the use of laser. Mainly, the use of laser light is applied to remove the unhealthy tissues or to treat the bleeding blood vessels, remove wrinkles, tattoos, birthmarks and sun spots.

In what way is laser surgery performed?

Lasers are medical devices which create high energy in the form of laser light for successful treatment of many aesthetic and medical conditions. If there is the need of facial surgery through laser then the surgeon applies the minimum laser intensity for the treatment to correct the improper shape of the face.

Need to understand the surgery

The surgeon analyzes the condition and suggests the use of laser with limitations which presents good results of the particular procedure. Besides this, the surgeons apply local anesthetics to numb the area which requires laser surgery. As safety is the major factor in the use of laser, it probably gives a better experience in swelling and redness in the skin after the surgery with the use of antibiotic medication and ointments which are best to follow after the operative procedures. Above all there needs to be the complete care from sun exposure with the use of sun block as the UV rays may harm the area of surgery.

Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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