Scaling and polishing

Don't be tensed as this is a wonderful task at your dental clinic to present you the treatment which really benefits your oral health. Basically, when an experienced dentist does a regular cleaning known as prophylaxis, then they are performing the task of removing the tartar and the buildup calculus on the teeth. The part which is visible to your eye is cleaned which is above the gum line. The left plaque and tartar on the teeth presents right conditions for the bacteria to flourish and cause damage.

Before And After Image Of Scaling And Polishing

scaling and polishing of the teeth

teeth scaling and polishing

scaling and polishing of teeth

Requires professional service to present oral hygiene

The bacteria settled on the gum may cause bleeding easily which you may notice while brushing teeth. Well, this stage of the gum disease is referred as gingivitis, which your dentist will perform scaling and polishing process and recommends antiseptic mouthwash containing chlorhexidine. If the situation is not treated, then later nothing can be performed to control the situation as right treatment at the right time is suggested to be health orally.

How long the scaling and cleaning process does takes place?

It depends on the depth of the pockets and extensive rough root surface as the deep scaling and cleaning procedure is performed in quadrants of work in every session. For instance, if the upper right side of the mouth is performed by service on the first day the other three parts are worked on other appointments with proper scaling and cleaning process as well. This planned procedure allows freezing a certain part of the mouth as single time and making it perfect to follow the treatment. During the process, the dentist may apply antibiotic gels to remove the nasty bugs or may rinse out the pocket with different medication like Chlorhexidine.
If you are going through any tooth problem or gum disease, then consult your dentist immediately and get the cleaning process to stop the intake of strong painkillers and other medication and be free from painful nights.


Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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