Oral Medicine

The oral medicine is prescribed as per the oral trauma or injury. The minor the causes, proper check up, slight surgical methods and medication has been prescribed for weeks to improve the condition and feel better changes and outcome. In case of major facial injuries and oral problems, particular diagnosis and surgery is performed with oral medicine in the form of antibiotics to cure the pain and provide relief.

Medicine as per the surgery and treatment

If you had a facial or oral trauma due to abnormal birth or any incident the treatments like bone grafting, dental and facial implants, reconstructive surgery, extraction and surgical removal of teeth, oral appliance treatment is performed to let the patient feel better as per the condition. Basically, when a person goes through surgery for oral and facial care to decrease the deformities, then for the further stage of development of the surgical area, oral medicine is prescribed to treat the situation.

Low dose oral medicine is prescribed

Normal and slight dose medicines are more important s some of the high dose medicines prove side effects and need to be prescribed with proper analysis and care of the patient after the surgery. As some may be allergic to certain medication, a lot of care and concern is required and applied by the surgeon to improve the results without any problem on health.


Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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