Root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment and front and back teeth

Root Canal Treatment and Retreatment Of Anterior (front) and Posterior (back) Teeth
Teeth in your mouth are held strongly in their right place by roots whose extension reaches the jaw bones. The front teeth normally has single root. The posterior teeth might have multiple roots whose count might vary from two or more. Apex is the point where the root ends. Through this apex blood flows into your teeth. It passes through a canal to reach the pulp chamber that is located inside the crown which is the visible part of your teeth.

Tooth pulp is present in the canals in the centre of the tooth. Pulp gives nourishment to the tooth by the flow of blood through tissues and also through nerves. This nourishment would normally be taken over by the gums after the maturity of the tooth and so the pulp can be removed after this stage is attained. Such removal process is called as Endodontics or root canal treatment.

The treatment:
Root canal treatment involves cleaning of the affected canals with instruments that look like files. The root canals consist of many branches that make its cleaning a complex procedure. In some cases even after cleaning for the first time the infection might still persist in the branches of these canals that would call for a retreatment.

Root canal treatment might fail owing to several reasons. When the bacteria causing the infection are not removed completely during the first root canal treatment then they might develop and start causing excessive pain. This might also happen if after the first root canal treatment the gaps are not filled with permanent fillings. Temporary fillings or filling hat are not properly done might also result in a re-infection. Improper detection of the canals in the tooth also could be a reason.

In a repeat canal treatment the crown and the filling material were removed. The post and core are also removed and this part is more difficult as the post might be cemented to the tooth tightly. In such cases removal becomes very difficult and might cause cracking of tooth. Under the circumstance the dentist might opt for endodontic surgery.


Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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