jaw deformity correction

Jaw Deformity Correction

Jaw deformities are the abnormalities in the structure and shape of the jaw which have unpleasant effects on dental health and physical appearance. Basically, the most general are the mandibular retrognathia which is a jutting jaw and mandibular micrognathia which is a receding lower jaw. The main reason for jaw deformity is due to hereditary trait or due to injuries in the childhood which affects the appearance.

How is the jaw deformities treated?

The treatment depends upon the condition and the severity of the problem as it requires a surgical process according to the desire of the patient. Before the surgery, Orthodontic treatment is required as it decides the need of jaw deformity surgery to correct the improper appearance of the face. Today, some surgeons advice jaw malformation surgery, even to those who are born with cleft lip and require correction of the mouth palate with the right surgical method.

What do the surgeons do?

The first step to correct the jaw deformation is determining whether the right surgery or the right dental work is required for the problem as the plastic surgeon works after consulting the orthodontists to plan the best method. In case, if the jaw jut forward, then the operation is required for the removal of the part of the bone based upon the nature of the deformity and the use of special devices and instruments which are required to set the jaw in place till it is completely healed.

Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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