Ear Prosthesis

Ear Prosthesis

Regaining destructed ear with ear prosthesis is easy to prefer than hardly undergoing painful surgeries. Prosthetic ear is perfect for the patients who have lost their ears in the occurrence of severe accidents. Peoples with natural defect of ear structure or having disorders like microtia, anotia, Goldenhar Syndrome or hemifacial microsomia will find this medical invention as the best option.

Kids and adults who are not comfortable in constructing artificial ear by surgery with the usage of Medpor or Rib Graft and unsatisfied patients having obstacles with post operational reconstruction may choose the option of undergoing auricular prosthesis treatment. This option of obtaining a prosthetic ear made to be fixed will be absolutely great to look and no one would ever be able to identify your prosthetic ear unless you choose to expose them that you have one.


The artificial ear can be designed in a very realistic appearance with the guidance of a specialist known as prosthetist or anaplastologist
Auricular prosthesis is the easiest method of regaining unnatural ear similar to the original with less risk than surgical reestablishment of ear using rib cartilage.
This gives an additional idea for patients who are not prepared for surgery.

There are two types of silicone prosthetic ear attachment options namely

  1. Magnets and (snaps) fArtificial ear can be attached with magnets and normally needs two surgical methods for the magnets to be grafted.
  2. Glue fA prosthetic ear can be also adhesively attached for holding up the prosthetic ear extremely perfect.
    A prosthetic ear can last for about 5-7 years depending on the appropriate maintenance and material being used to design the artificial ear. Customized prosthetic ear can be accomplished like-natural by anaplastologist according to the pattern of the patient’s original ear.


Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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