Cavity Fillings

Cavities are the holes in the teeth caused due to tooth decay and are referred as caries. As teeth are in a constant acid attack environment, which strips the teeth of essential materials and damages the teeth, it requires proper care and balance through dentists who treats the cavities through cavity fillings before it becomes a big problem.

What is a cavity filling?

A cavity filling is a process to restore the damaged tooth to its normal function and shape where a dentist performs a filling cleaning out the cavity using materials. By closing the decayed spaces, where there is chance for bacteria to enter, a cavity filling is performed to prevent the problem with the use of materials like gold, composite resin, porcelain or an amalgam which is the combination of copper, silver, zinc, tin and mercury.

What happens when a filling is performed?

When a cavity filling is decided by your dentists, then initially, the decay is removed to clean the area and filled with required materials to cover the space and prevent from being affected to the other teeth.

After receiving the filing, it is important to take good care with a regular oral hygiene and get checkups at your dentist regularly to maintain good teeth.