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Since the time dentistry is in practice, it has always been the main aim of the dentist and practitioners to preserve the natural teeth of every person. At present, people are having their teeth longer due to the restoration of the decayed teeth then the process of removal. Well, when the tooth is gone or mislaid, they can be replaced to maintain good function of teeth and their oral health.

Crown and Bridgework chennai
What are Crown & Bridgework?

Crowns and Bridgework are a certain prosthetic devices which are cemented onto the present teeth or during implants. It depends on your dentists to suggest, if there is any insufficient tooth structure to perform the filling process.

What are these crowns used for?

Basically, crowns cover your tooth completely and restore the teeth which have been broken severely due to decay or any fracture. These crowns are applied to fix the color of the teeth which have had any root canal treatment, weak teeth and fractured teeth earlier. It is also used to replace large fillings when where there is a lack of enough tooth in the place.
Dental crowns and bridges are functional and in general an aesthetic solution to repair the decayed, cracked and chipped teeth for a long time protection.


Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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