Surgical Therapy chennai

Surgical Therapy

Surgical Therapy chennai

Surgical Therapy is mainly for Treating Gum surrounded diseases. Gum surrounded diseases are of various type. Periodontal disease is generally caused by the accretion of red complex bacteria located in the gum and teeth following the accumulation amalgamative bio pellicule, which produces immuno – inflammatory mechanism causing high risk factor resulting in detriment upon the bone support surrounding the natural teeth. Untreated condition of advanced stage of periodontal disorder may lead to loss of gingivial bone and tooth. To escape away from such events of loss, the patient should undergo appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

The treatment methods vary according to the stage of disorder depending on your overall health records of checkup which have been exhibited earlier by your periodontist. Medical care is available at a range from nonsurgical treatments for control of growth in bacterial plaque to surgical operations to recover tissues which provide support to the alveolar bone.

Motives betokening surgery includes:

  • To reduce gum pockets and clean away calculus and plaques deep under the gum line
  • To remold the shape of broken or destructed bone.
  • To regain tissues of gum to hold on stiffly to support the teeth.
  • To widen the tooth structure.
  • To create a pleasant look on face by correcting your toothy smile or gummy smile

Types of surgeries:
Flap surgery (or) pocket reduction surgery

At the time of treatment, the gums are pulled back to remove the tarter. Under certain conditions, the uneven layer of surface of destructed bone is smoothened to control the presence of disease causing bacteria. The gums are fixed in such a manner that the tissues around the tooth get fitted accurately. By this process the size and space between the gum and the tooth gets minimized, providing precautions from falling into serious dental obstacles due to bacteria.


Before Scaling After Scaling

Surgical Therapy chennai

Before Scaling Palatal

Surgical Therapy chennai

After Scaling Palatal


Before Scaling Lingual

After Scaling Lingual


AfterFlap Surgery After Flap Surgery


After Flap Surgery Maxillary


Bone grafts

This method is accomplished by utilizing bone fragments of your own defected bone. Implantation is dais for reformation of bone growth, encouraging stability of teeth by tissue engineering technology.

Soft tissue grafts

This process augments thin gums filling the spaces where gums have been withdrawn. Tissues are obtained from roof of mouth is being stitched and added to the damaged area.

Bone surgery

Shallow pits of bone caused by severe bone damage or loss is made smooth along with the pocket reduction surgery to remold the shape of bone to lessen the pit formations and to control bacterial growth.

Prevention measures for periodontal disorder

Periodontal diseases can be prevented by following these customs:

  • Regular removal of plaques and residues by flossing
  • Maintain brushing habit twice a day
  • Routine oral hygiene and dental checkups



Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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