Obturators for Palatal Defects

The morphology of the jaw has a functional and aesthetic role. The palate part the nasal fossa from the oral cavity and thus is an important part. It also provides with needed stability for swallowing the food we have. Any defect in the palate may result in inability to chew, swallow and also other physiological problems.

Palatal obturators are used for compensating the defects in palates. Palatal obturators can be used in single or combination and it may include plastic surgery for reconstruction. An obturator can be created with full dentures or partial dentures based on the dentition that exists. The obturator may result in heavy weights but there are technologies developed to avoid the problems related to the weight.

The self stabilising palatal obturator has a silicon portion which helps in omitting the defect without the need of any prosthesis and thus the defect gets sealed and also closed immediately. Even in the absence of any dentition or other underlying support, the system of grooved anchoring gives retention at the maximum level to the prosthesis. The silicon obturator does not cause any problem like the deformation or the fungus growth on the surface for minimum 3 years.


Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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