Eye Prosthetics

An ocular prosthesis eye is a kind of craniofacial prosthesis that restores the empty space of the original eye due to enucleation. An artificial eye can aid in progress with the appearance of patients who have lost an eye due to accidents or disorders. It is also commonly known as “glass eye” or “fake eye”.
The prosthesis is often, wrapped with viable tissue or a synthetic cushioning material before being fixed over an eye socket graft and under the eyelids it displays the structure of a convex hard covering which is created of graded plastic acrylic and some made up of cryolite glass.
A diverse of the eye prosthesis is a very lean hard coverage called as a scleral shell mended to be worn over a destructed eye. Vision is not provided by the prosthetic eye but look as if having a real eye on outer appearance. The affected side of patients having ocular prosthesis retains completely blind and the other unaffected side will be having monocular vision.
After ocular prosthesis implantation, the artificial eye remains attached deep onto eye orbit and is not easily removable. Loss of eye and fitting an artificial eye may be physically and emotionally be challenging, but the best advantage is that it gains the patients with great level of self confidence to lead a life just like others.


Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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