APF gel is a fluoride gel acidic in nature and highly concentrated fluoride products applied by the dentists topically to a patients teeth twice in a year. The main use of the gel is to reduce the number of cavities formed in the teeth as it is generally found in drinking water. In some countries, there is less level of fluoride in water, which is required to prevent cavities. To make it balance, extra fluoride is added to the diet in the form of dietary fluoride and in case if any tooth cavity takes place, then APF gel is recommended as a part of treatment in the form of toothpaste to rinse the teeth and make it more helpful.

apf gel

What is the abbreviation of APF?

APF is Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride gel with flavors for children to cure the cavities, creating interest in them to try and cure the problem.

In what condition does dental use APF Gel?

It is used and even recommended for the prevention of tooth plaque, inflammation of the gums and only to be taken on the recommendation of the dentist who performs the cavity treatment and applies gel with proper care.

Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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