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Dream smile with cosmetic dentistry

Date :03-Dec-2019

Cosmetic dentistry helps to improve dental appearance and returns a pleasant smile. Stains, discolorations, chipped, broken, misaligned, or gaps between teeth can all be rectified with the help of cosmetic dentistry. Types of cosmetic dentistry Cosmetic dentistry includes tooth whitening, dental veneers, dental bridges, dental crown, dental implants, dental bonding, and inlays and Onlays. Tooth whitening - it is a simple cleaning process where the yellowish layers and other stains are removed from the surface of the teeth. The whitening procedure can either be vital or non-vital whitenin

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Adieu To Misaligned Teeth

Date :18-Oct-2019

To smile is an art to make a day better. Everyone would love to see a pleasant and beautiful face and smile. Smiling and laughing are the best stress relievers, so don’t hide it in. It could increase one’s self-confidence and worth. So, bid adieu to the misaligned teeth that becomes an obstacle.  Misaligned teeth are quite normal, and anyone might have crooked or overcrowded teeth. Orthodontics has progressed well with the treatment and techniques to bring out a bright smile. Invisalign and dental braces would be recommended for various dental problems depending on the requir

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Management Of Missing Teeth Through Dental Implant Teeth Restoration Method

Date :30-Jul-2019

The most common solution for missing teeth, which was available previously in the field of dentistry, was dentures. However, the recent technological advancements have provided the field with a more effective fixture known as dental implants. A dental implant is a surgical fixture made from titanium which is placed into the jawbone and allowed to fuse with the bone over a period of few months. The implant acts as a root for the missing teeth and provides strong support to the crown (Replaced teeth). ADVANTAGES OF IMPLANT In recent times, implants are considered to be the most ideal way of

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Smile Correction: Win the World with a Beautiful Smile

Date :03-Apr-2019

Who doesn’t want to have a graceful smile? A smile is the biggest way in which human beings convey their emotions and is one of the most observed aspects too. A nice smile can be the most defining characteristic of one’s personality and a confident smile can turn things instantly making everything around you happy and blissful. As good as a smile can be, it can also be the worst nightmare for some people if their teeth in the aesthetic zone of their smile are improper. Such people are often very conscious of their smile and avoid smiling or taking photos in order to avoid embarras

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Srivari Dental Clinic : The Best Immediate Dentures

Date :04-Sep-2018

Lost tooth and lost confidence? Your smile and your confidence always go hand in hand together. But your lost tooth can affect them both. Dentures are artificial porcelain replacements for your lost tooth which can be removed and again fixed according to the need of the time. Natural and original like dentures are available today and Srivari Dental Clinic, the best dental consultants in Ramapuram help you get the best dentures suiting your likes and the best fitting you. Dentures are of different types: full and partial. Full dentures are a horseshoe-shaped teeth set-up containing all the tee

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Can Tooth Enamel Be Restored?

Date :11-Aug-2018

Teeth can become damaged as a result of cavities, injury, erosion or attrition. Sadly, teeth damaged by the above-mentioned factors will not heal like most other tissues in the body. In most cases, this damage needs to be fixed to prevent it from getting worse and causing more serious problems. There are now several tooth restoration options for those living with embarrassing and noticeable dental problems. Gone are the days when people had to live the rest of their lives being discontented with the look of their teeth! At present, restorative dentistry offers several innovative methods

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Improve your smile with Tooth Replacement

Date :27-Jun-2018

It is very important to have dazzling and gorgeous teeth since it is an eye-catching asset. If you have issues with your teeth, we have different kind of treatments available in the modern world. The best treatment available is the tooth replacement. Tooth replacement is the most scientific technology that helps people to design their smile to become beautiful and eye catchy. Tooth Replacement The most important technological progression in dentistry is the development of dental implants. Before the invention of this process, the single option accessible to people who lost a tooth were bri

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Learn More About Oral Bone Grafting

Date :03-Apr-2018

Bone grafting technique is done by surgical intervention to replace with a new bone in the gap of damaged or absent bone. The bone replacement can be done with one’s own bone, artificial or from a donor. However, the obtained bone should favor the patient’s body condition. The new bone implantation makes the patient do regular activities with no discomforts; it also makes a space automatically for designing bone tissues new growth in the missing/affected bone areas. Such advanced procedures should be performed by the best dental clinic to achieve an outstanding result. What are

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Healthy Gums For Healthy Teeth

Date :08-Jan-2018

Tooth care is quite necessary for all age group. A perfect smile brings confidence in everyone. Gum requires more dental care.Because healthy gums result in healthy teeth and smile. What is a Gum disease?Gum disease or Periodontal disease is the bacterial infection that causes a chronic inflammation of the gums and surrounding tissues. Gum disease is being the major cause of tooth loss. It is classified as Gingivitis (Early stage of Gum disease) & periodontitis (An advanced stage). Causes of Gum diseaseThe main causes of gum disease are Plaque formation, Genetics, diseases that disturb

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Smile Designing - Making Your Better Smile To The Best

Date :16-Aug-2017

A smile makeover(smile correction) is a dental procedure that will improve the look of your smile so that you will look good and feel great. In this cosmetic dental procedure, the dentist will restore any dental problems that you have, adjust your bite, and reset the muscles in your jaw for improving the appearance of the smile. Aesthetic Components of Smile Correction There are several attributes of teeth that a cosmetic dentist will evaluate with you when planning for a smile correction other than the color, alignment and the balance of your teeth. These includes: Tooth Length: Teeth l

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How to Prevent Decaying Teeth ?

Date :27-Feb-2017

It is a rather ironic fact that even with the increase in brands of toothpaste and other oral hygienic products, the incidence of tooth decay is increasing steadily. Endodontic therapy, popularly known as root canal therapy, is a set of treatments followed to protect and rehabilitate tooth decay. It is usually done by removing the infected pulp in a tooth to eliminate infection and microbial activity. Root Canal Treatment A lot of misconception exists about root canal therapy, the most common being that it is a kind of painful torture. In reality, endodontic therapy is not one to create p

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Full-mouth Rehabilitation

Date :05-Dec-2016

Full-mouth Rehabilitation describes the process of restoring all the teeth in both upper and lower jaws. This procedure is done with a detailed plan based on the patients need and will work out for a perfect smile and ideal bite with a regular function. Not all needs a full mouth rehabilitation, only the certain list of following people's with the below symptoms need full mouth rehabilitation. They are listed below Full-mouth Rehabilitation Symptoms : Persistent pain in the jaw muscles and headache while biting. Loss of tooth due to trauma or decay. Teeth have been fractured and injure

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Root Canal Treatment Chennai

Date :02-Nov-2016

Achieve the oral well-being as your smile deserves the very best. Srivari Dental Clinic has the sole objective of serving the patients to solve the dental issues. The Root Canal Treatment is one of the treatments. It is normally referred as root canal therapy in which the process of the removal of the tooth???s pulp is performed. It is a process to save the teeth, which may in future, needs to be pulled. The root canals of the tooth are the main parts of the pulp cavity which are inside the roots; Root canal treatment is the right procedure to remove the infected or damaged nerves, and tissue

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Fixed partial denture(FPD)

Date :02-Nov-2016

Replacement of one or more missing teeth and are attached definitely to the remaining teeth It means restoration of teeth by artificial substitutes that are not readily removed from the mouth consequences of missing tooth A missing lower tooth allows the opposite toothto start growing down into the new empty space (supra eruption) Movement / tipping of adjacent teeth into the space As teeth move they lose contact with their neighbours and new spaces are created Incresed food and plaque accumulation cause decay Bone where tooth was removed begins to shri

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Enhance Your Teeth Appearance Using Golden Crown

Date :14-Jul-2016

Do you have large cavities in your teeth? Are they threatening your oral health? Dental crowns and restorations are the simple ways to protect your teeth. Srivari Dental Clinic is one of the best dental clinic, which focus in golden dental crown and restorations. Dental crown is a type of cap or dental restoration used to restore the broken tooth. This process gives  support, shape and good appearance to teeth. Usually  crowns are tooth shaped and it entirely covers the damaged tooth. Besides, it can also be placed on the top of dental implants to correct its shape and structure.

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Make Your Smile Beautiful

Date :13-Jul-2016

Are you ashamed of smiling? Do you have a misaligned tooth? Then don’t worry. Here is a treatment to regain your confidence and get a new look . Orthodontic Treatment (dental braces) is a method used to correct misaligned teeth or to adjust the underlying bones. Dental braces are devices used to align and straighten teeth. The optimal age for treatment is between 8 and 14 i.e when the child is in its stage of growth. Srivari Dental clinic offers the best orthodontic treatment in Chennai. Need for orthodontic treatment: To improve dentofacial appearance, to avoid crowding of teeth, to mo

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Invest in Your Smile, You Wear it Everyday

Date :08-Mar-2016

A beautiful smile reflects a person’s confidence and personality. It has a positive impact on ones romantic life. But nowadays, it’s seen that more than 75% of people avoid smiling when a photo is being clicked. This is because of lack of confidence. Here is a solution for it…. Smile Makeover : Smile makeover is a part of cosmetic dentistry which consists of many individual procedures such as teeth whitening, straightening of teeth, repairing as well as replacement of teeth, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers etc. It helps in increasing the confidence of an individual.

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Root Canal Treatment in Chennai

Date :04-Jan-2016

Save Your  Teeth With Root Canal Treatment Root canal (endodontics)  is a branch of dentistry which deals with treatment of dental pulp diseases. It also deals with the treatment of tooth root and surrounding tissue. It includes the removal of pulp cavity tissue and the nerves and is replaced with a filling material. Root Canal Therapy Root canal  therapy involves complete elimination of everything which resides in the root canal. It is a treatment for clearing the tooth infection. Root canal therapy is also referred as endodontic therapy. This therapy is done at the pulp o

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Smile Makeover in Porur

Date :13-Nov-2015

Smile is the best weapon to conquer the hearts of people. Do your teeth discolored, chipped, mis happen or missing that loose your confidence while smiling? Cosmetic dentistry helps you to improve your smile. These technique helps you to reshape your teeth, restore worn or short teeth or alter the length of your teeth. These improvements are not always just cosmetic. Many of these treatments can improve oral problems, such as your bite. Cosmetic dentistry provides excellent treatments for straightening crooked teeth as well as missing or incorrect teeth. Srivari Dental Clinic in Chennai is f

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