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Date :24-Jun-2024

Lost tooth and lost confidence? Your smile and your confidence always go hand in hand together. But your lost tooth can affect them both. Dentures are artificial porcelain replacements for your lost tooth which can be removed and again fixed according to the need of the time. Natural and original like dentures are available today and Srivari Dental Clinic, the best dental consultants in Ramapuram help you get the best dentures suiting your likes and the best fitting you.

Dentures are of different types: full and partial. Full dentures are a horseshoe-shaped teeth set-up containing all the teeth that fit the roof of the teeth. Partial dentures rest on the metal wire to support only a few teeth which are lost by the user. Immediate dentures are the full or partial dentures that are fixed on the same day of removing the original remaining teeth. Immediate dentures give the additional advantage of easiness and quick treatment which is always wanted by the people today.

Caring the dentures is always a matter of great concern. Dentures are delicate that they have to be handled with care. Dentures should not dry out, so they have to be soaked in cleaning solution or in cold water, when not in use. Brushing your dentures daily is required as you used to brush your tooth. Brushing gums, palate, and tongue are too required before you use the dentures.

Being the best in Immediate dentures in Chennai, Srivari Dental clinic has the best array of doctors when it comes to quality and perfection. Our dentures tend to last longer and are stronger than others, testimonials say. We do take care to provide the treatments at rates comfortable to the patients, as well as to ensure the complete satisfaction of the patients for the treatments. Get your appointments ready so as to regain your lost confidence and thus to radiate with that smile once again with the best dental clinic in Ramapuram.

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