dental bonding

Dental Bonding

dental bonding

It is the procedure whree by the dentists uses tooth colored resin material or durable plastic material is hardened and applied under a special light. It bonds the material to the tooth to improve a persons smile.

In what situations is dental bonding done?

Dental bonding is done for the following situations:

  • To protect apportion of the root as a result of exposure due to receding of gums
  • It is used as a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings
  • It is used to change the shape of teeth
  • It is used to make teeth look longer
  • It is used to close spaces between teeth
  • It improves the appearance of discolored teeth
  • It repairs cracked or chipped teeth
  • It repairs decayed teeth through composite resins by filling cavities.

Procedure of dental bonding:

It takes 30 to 60 minutes for the process to complete. Firstly a composite resin color is selected. Anesthesia is given for decayed teeth else not required. Next surface of teeth is roughened and conditioning liquid is applied. Then tooth colored resin is put on to get it molded and smoothens to achieve the desired shape. UV light or laser hardens the material. After hardening, dentist trims, shapes and polishes it.

Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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