bone grafting

Bone grafting

Bone grafting is a technique of fixing complications related with osseous or fracture by surgery in order to replace a new bone in the gap of absent or damaged bone. Bone can be derived from your own torso, created artificially or be received from a donor, but the bone obtained for replacement should be favoring to your body condition. Once the bone implantation is successful, it creates convenience to the patient while doing their regular activities without difficulties and also makes space automatically for designing new growth of bone tissues in the affected or missing bone regions. After the finish up of osseous implantation you will have a great probability in mobility and aesthetic visage.

bone graft

Types of bone grafting

There are certain kinds of bone implantation such as:

A) Autologous osseous grafts

Autologous bone grafts also commonly recognized as autograft is method of grafting with bones which are taken from you atypically from certain parts of bone where tissues are found vital and living for enrichment and establishment of growth in osseous. Due to this favorable condition autograft is otherwise also called as vital bone graft.

B) Allogenic bone grafts

Allograft makes use of bones which are collected from expired donor and preserved in a bone bank to restore your destructed or lost bone. Three types allogeneic bones for grafting is available such as:

Fresh or fresh-frozen bone

Freeze-dried bone allograft

Demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft

C) Xenografts

Osseous for accomplishing xenograft is obtained from cadaver bone of another organism, generally a bovine bone.

D) Synthetic and alloplastic grafts

Artificial bone grafts can be prepared with synthetic variants of ceramics like calcium phosphates, calcium sulphate and bioglass. But the effectiveness of such graft may reduce on time span and stress provided to the synthetic bone. Synthetic bone graft or alloplastic grafts produced from a natively occurring mineral component of bone called hydroxyapatite is a good source of artificial grafts.

Uses of bone grafting

  • Restore fractures or injured bones and osseous loss.
  • Fusion of affected joints.
  • Regeneration in bone cavities.
  • Fixation of implanted devices to cure defective bone.


Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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