Learn More About Oral Bone Grafting

Date :03-Apr-2018

Bone grafting technique is done by surgical intervention to replace with a new bone in the gap of damaged or absent bone. The bone replacement can be done with one’s own bone, artificial or from a donor. However, the obtained bone should favor the patient’s body condition. The new bone implantation makes the patient do regular activities with no discomforts; it also makes a space automatically for designing bone tissues new growth in the missing/affected bone areas. Such advanced procedures should be performed by the best dental clinic to achieve an outstanding result.

What are the types of oral bone grafting?

  • Autologous bone grafts

It is commonly known as “Autograft”, a method of bone grafting which is taken from one’s own body (mostly from iliac crest) where vital tissues are found and could establish the bone growth. It is also called as “Vital bone graft” due to such a favorable condition.

  • Allogenic bone grafts

In this grafting, the bones are collected from an expired donor and it is preserved in a bone bank to restore with lost bone. There are three types of allogenic bone grafts available
1. De-mineralized freeze-dried bone allograft
2. Freeze-dried bone allograft
3. Fresh/fresh-frozen bone

  • Xenograft

In Xenograft, the bone is obtained from the cadaver of another organism, generally a bovine bone

  • Synthetic and alloplastic grafts

Artificial bone grafts are prepared with various synthetic materials such as calcium sulfate, phosphate, and bioglass. However, the effectiveness of synthetic bone graft may start to reduce gradually and finally, the synthetic bone is exposed to stress. Synthetic bone graft or alloplastic graft is produced from a natural mineral component known as Hydroxyapatite, a good source for artificial grafts.

Advantages of bone grafting

1. Bone grafting prevents future problems that may arise from the insufficient bone density in the dental area.
2. Ridge topography is preserved by the anterior region grafting, improves the fixed bridgework appearance which was previously fixed.
3. The space in the missing teeth may cause other teeth shifting that might even result in the facial bone structure change.
4. Tumors, trauma, a bacterial infection in the jaw bone, misalignment and sinus deficiencies sometimes require bone grafting.

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