Mandibular appliances for snoring

Snoring, a harsh sound occurs when air movement is obstructed while breathing, whilst asleep. It is a resulting sound of vibration of respiratory structures. Nearly 45 percent of adults suffer from soft, loud or unpleasant snoring. It can be a chronic issue for many and can indicate a serious health condition. People who snore usually suffer from obstructive sleep apnea and also are likely to suffer from sleep deprivation or insufficient sleep. This can thereby result in decreased libido, drowsiness, irritability and lack of focus throughout the day. Researches show that snoring can be psychologically damaging to sufferers and it also related to risks of heart attack and stroke.

Snoring can be controlled and Mandibular devices are a great choice for all suffering from snoring.

mandibular appliances for snoring

What is a Mandibular appliance?

Mandibular appliances are used for treating mild and moderate OSA and habitual snoring.

Mandibular appliances are also known as Mandibular advancement splint, dental device, oral appliance or Mandibular advancement device. It is similar to a gum shield and is a dental and repositioning appliance. Patients have to wear the device in the mouth while sleeping which holds the airway open and makes breathing easier, thereby maintaining normal oxygen levels in the blood. The appliance is custom made for every patient and provides relief from their symptoms. There are certain side effects related to Mandibular appliances for which a complete dental assessment must be done before opting for it.

Benefits of Mandibular Appliances:

  •  Treats sleep apnea
  •  Reduce the risk of heart diseases
  •  Reduce the risk of stroke and diabetes
  •  Increase day time alertness
  •  Enhance concentration
  •  Enhance emotional stability
  • Other benefits are
    · Easy to use: Mandibular or oral appliances are easy to use and wear. Thus it is preferred by patients. It just takes a few days or weeks to get used to sleeping with the appliance in the mouth.
    · Easily transportable: One can travel while the treatment of his or her sleep apnea is on. Thanks to oral appliance therapy. Unlike other appliances, these appliances are small and can be carried in the purse as well.

Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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