Multiple Tooth Implants

When you have many teeth missing, going for a single tooth implant is a very costly and painful of course solution. For such cases a permanent solution is to replace the missing teeth with implant supportive bridges. These dental implants are designed to restore both your lost natural teeth and also for the roots.

Types of Multiple Tooth Implants

  • A removable partial denture-Utilizes clasps that grab into adjacent teeth to hold the denture in place. The bone that previously surrounded the tooth root might deteriorate. They can move about your mouth and create difficulties in eating certain foods.
  • Multiple teeth supported fixed bridge-is a conventional tooth replacement option which carries all the risks of a single tooth bridge. Gums and bones can recede leaving a visible effect. It leads to collapsed smile. The cement holding the bridges in place might wash out allowing bacteria formation in the teeth.
  • Implant supported bridge-They stop the bone deterioration process as they replace teeth without support from adjacent natural teeth. They integrate with the jawbone keeping the bone intact and healthy. They are comfortable and functional.

Procedure of Placement of Implants: It is a three step procedure:

Step 1: First implants like cylinders or screws are placed into the jaw. In the next two to six months, anchors are formed out of the bondage of implants and the bone.
Step 2: Second step involves attaching extensions and uncovering implants. Temporary healing caps that serve as the foundation for new teeth are placed. Gums are allowed to be healed for a few weeks after this step.
Step 3: In the final step bridges or replacement teeth made by your dentist will be attached to abutments or small metal posts.

Sit with your dentist and decide on which procedure will best suit your teeth condition.

Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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