Finger Prosthesis

In finger prosthesis, the loss of a finger completely or partially is compensated to an extent with an artificial one. Finger being the upper part when gone will cause emotional and physical penalty a lot. So it has to be replaced with an artificial one. The finger might get amputated in different ways. When a part of finger or whole finger gets trapped, the person who gets trapped frees himself by the method of self amputating.

Another type of amputation is the congenital amputation in which by child birth itself the finger is found amputated. Another one is the traumatic amputation in which the amputation is happened because of any accident or unexpected events. Before doing the finger prosthesis, the functional needs of the patient should be discussed with the doctor. The hand should be examined completely and the severity of effect of the injury to the finger tip, loss of any tissue, the involvement of fingers, involvement of neurovascular and all should be assessed.

Before starting the treatment, the history of the wound will be collected from the patient, the nature of the injury and its effect on the finger tip should be understood, the needs to be satisfied by the patient with the help of the finger and any disease that might cause the healing of the wound slow should be understood. Various ways such as osteo integration abutment, titanium implants or silicone elastomers are used in replacing the missing part or the whole finger.

Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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