Maxillo Facial Trauma

Maxillo Facial Trauma

Facial trauma or maxillofacial trauma refers to any physical trauma to face. It can include injuries to the soft tissues like burns, bruises and lacerations or the fractures of facial bones like fractures of jaw, nasal fractures as well as trauma like the eye injury. Symptoms cannot be general, and are specific to the type of injury and may include swelling, pain, changes in shape of the facial structures or loss of function.

maxillofacial trauma

Things to be considered primarily in Facial Trauma

Facial injuries do have potential to result disfigurement and also loss of the function. For example: blindness, difficulty in moving jaw etc. Mostly it will not be a life-threatening one, but facial trauma can turn out to be deadly as it causes severe bleeding or some interference with airway in some cases. If interference in airway is caused, the primary concern of the treatment should be to ensure that airway is open and is not threatened for permitting natural breathe in the patient.

Treatment for Facial Trauma

The treatment of the facial trauma depends on the severity or the type of Facial Trauma. Some of the treatments are given below.

  1. Bandaging
  2. Suturing of the open wounds
  3. Administration of ice
  4. Antibiotics & pain killers
  5. Moving the bones back to its proper place
  6. Surgery


Authored By Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, M.D.S.

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