Adieu To Misaligned Teeth

Date :18-Oct-2019

To smile is an art to make a day better. Everyone would love to see a pleasant and beautiful face and smile. Smiling and laughing are the best stress relievers, so don’t hide it in. It could increase one’s self-confidence and worth. So, bid adieu to the misaligned teeth that becomes an obstacle. 

Misaligned teeth are quite normal, and anyone might have crooked or overcrowded teeth. Orthodontics has progressed well with the treatment and techniques to bring out a bright smile. Invisalign and dental braces would be recommended for various dental problems depending on the requirement. These treatments help to straighten the teeth and to correct improper biting.  

Magic of Invisalign

People who require minor corrections for their teeth are advised to take Invisalign. These invisible braces are customized and easily removable, which helps to straighten the teeth. A minimum of nine months and Invisalign could bring out a better alignment. 

invisalign chennai

Keep a note: 

  • Remove the aligner while brushing and eating
  • While wearing aligners, drink only water
  • Wear the aligners 24 hours a day or as mentioned by the doctor

Benefits of Invisalign

  • The main benefit is the aligner is invisible
  • No pain as there are no wires, brackets or rubber bands involved
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Faster results
  • Minimal or no discomfort

Why not braces?

Dental braces are the primary method of orthodontic treatment. These are wire-based appliances that are used to correct overcrowded and misaligned teeth or jaws. Braces can be worn by teenagers and adults to rectify the misalignments. Minimum of one year and dental braces will align the teeth with a pleasing smile and correct the chewing issues. 

Keep a note:

  • Brush carefully and rinse thoroughly
  • Avoid sticky foods
  • Avoid crunchy or hard foods
  • Visit the dentist for check-ups and cleaning
  • The retainer has to be used after the removal of braces

Benefits of braces

  • The wire could properly align and straighten the teeth
  • Complicated teeth issues can be corrected
  • Help to close the gaps and correct crooked teeth

While in the long run, braces can cause few risks:

  • Permanent stains on teeth due to lack of minerals
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum diseases

Braces are usually more effective as they could get a proper alignment permanently. Retainers need to be worn indefinitely or as per the doctor’s instruction so that the final results remain stable. At Srivari Chennai Dental Clinic, doctors can suggest and help with the appropriate orthodontic treatment for misaligned teeth.

Blog Reviewed By: Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, MDS
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