Invest in Your Smile, You Wear it Everyday

Date :08-Mar-2016

A beautiful smile reflects a person’s confidence and personality. It has a positive impact on ones romantic life. But nowadays, it’s seen that more than 75% of people avoid smiling when a photo is being clicked. This is because of lack of confidence. Here is a solution for it….

Smile Makeover :

Smile makeover is a part of cosmetic dentistry which consists of many individual procedures such as teeth whitening, straightening of teeth, repairing as well as replacement of teeth, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers etc. It helps in increasing the confidence of an individual. A good smile influences people psychologically, and also helps to judge people. Srivari Dental Clinic in Ramapuram, one among the best dental treatment clinic which provide more sophisticated and advanced treatment facilities.

A smile design can :

  • Straightening the crooked teeth
  • Repair broken, veneers and cosmetic bonding, chipped teeth by porcelain crowns
  • Missing teeth can be replaced and the gap is filled with the help of dental implants,braces
  • Lumineers can be used to fill up the gap between the teeth
  • Teeth whitening can help whiten stained teeth

Srivari Dental Clinic in Chennai, provides an advanced Smile Designing Treatment procedures. Some of the smile designing techniques that we provided are:

  • Whitening – a chemical application with a peroxide base is directly applied to the teeth to remove staining discoloration
  • Bonding – a covering material is applied to the teeth that shaped and colored the artificial teeth to make a natural look.
  • Dental implants – replacing of missing teeth with artificial ones.
  • Enamel shaping – removal of minute amount of enamel from the outer layer of the teeth to improve the look and shape of the teeth.
  • Crowns and bridgework – technique that covers heavily damaged teeth or replace missing teeth. Uses an inner core for strength and outer porcelain shell for the feel of real teeth.
  • Veneers – a thin shell of tooth colored material fixed in the front surface of the teeth.
  • Gum contouring – a procedure used to alter the position of gum tissues to improve the look and regularity of gingival line around the teeth.

A Smile Design is a great way to improve your appearance, boost your self-confidence and improve your quality of life. Proper maintenance of the teeth and regular checkups will help the smile makeover to last for several years. The materials used for the makeover are very strong and resistant to breakage and wearing. Hence they are more durable that ones natural teeth.


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