Reasons for choosing professional teeth whitening over OTC

Date :11-May-2020

Dentistry has developed a wide range of segments and styles. Cosmetic dentistry is seen as one of the most prominent areas nowadays. Teeth whitening comes under cosmetic dentistry that helps to have a better appearance and to improve one’s smile.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening

Bleaching is considered to be a process of teeth whitening. The color of teeth can be improved with the appropriate bleach. Normally, the tooth color depends on the color of the dentin, the light scattering and absorption properties of the dentine and enamel. Stains would be caused due to many reasons such as smoking, use of certain cationic agents, and places where the brush does not reach.

There are mainly three types of bleaching that are:

  • Nightguard bleaching - relatively low-level of the whitening agent. This can be applied to a tooth through a custom-fabricated mouthguard. This should be worn for two weeks at night.
  • In-office or power bleaching - high-levels of whitening agents will be used. Usually, products with hydrogen peroxide would be used. The soft tissues will be protected, and then the whitening gel will be applied. Later it is activated with heat or light.
  • Mass market bleaching products - low-levels of whitening agents would be self-applied to the teeth either with gum shields or strips. Doctors would recommend such products to be applied twice per day for two weeks.

Advantages of teeth whitening

There are specific reasons why people choose teeth whitening over OTC options, and it would include the following:

  • Safer
  • Faster
  • Highly effective
  • Better control
  • Better results
  • Customized approach

OTC (over the counter) options would include whitening pastes, rinses, or any random kits with whitening products. These could be relatively inexpensive but lower the level of whitening power that professional teeth whitening provides. As compared to professional teeth whitening, it cannot be concluded that OTC options would be safe and effective. At times, these OTC options may not be long-lasting. Hence, it will not be beneficial for the individual.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth bleaching or teeth whitening is a highly sought- after treatment that helps to enhance and brighten the appearance of one’s smile. At Srivari Dental Clinic, the doctor and the team would provide the apt professional teeth whitening solution within the stipulated time frame.

Blog Reviewed By: Dr.C.M.Bejoy Mony, MDS
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