Root Canal Treatment in Chennai

Date :04-Jan-2016

Save Your  Teeth With Root Canal Treatment

Root canal (endodontics)  is a branch of dentistry which deals with treatment of dental pulp diseases. It also deals with the treatment of tooth root and surrounding tissue. It includes the removal of pulp cavity tissue and the nerves and is replaced with a filling material.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal  therapy involves complete elimination of everything which resides in the root canal. It is a treatment for clearing the tooth infection. Root canal therapy is also referred as endodontic therapy. This therapy is done at the pulp of the tooth. With endodontic therapy the area around root canal is cleaned,shaped and decontaminated. This therapy also uses irrigation solutions and miniscule files. The tooth will be dead after the endodontic therapy.So the patient will not feel pain because of the removal of nerve tissue and the elimination of the infection. Endodontic therapy will be carried out by a dentist. A local anesthesia will be given to the patient before the removal of nerves. Once this procedure is done, the dentist will add  a filling or place a crown.

When the patient is had four root canals and if the dentist  found only three, the infection will gradually spread to the bones.

Benefits Of Root Canal

  • The tooth can be repaired with a filling or a crown if the tooth decay is minor.
  • Main advantage of root canal therapy is that patient will get quick relief from infections and pain.
  • It also lowers the sensitivity.
  • It helps to increase your self confidence and also it helps to look your smile better.
  • Once the procedure is completed , your tooth will become more stronger.

Srivari Dental Clinic is a well equipped  dental clinic which is famous for root canal treatment. It offers various dental treatments including endodontics, dental implants, orthodontic treatment, restorative dentistry etc under the guidance of  DR.Bejoy Mony, one of the best Dentist in Chennai. 

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